Life Is Better In Our Pedicure


(25mins, not including polish/gel time)
Disposable liner, foot soak in Herbal Mineral Bath, nail and cuticle care, callus removal, Liquid Body Lufra application which provides essential exfoliation by gently working away surface impurities and dead skin, lotion massage, hot towel and polish. 

Fissuer Killer

   (30mins, not including polish/gel time)       Essential pedicure, plus.
Sole Solution Foot Treatment, which works on the underlying cause of rough, dry and cracked feet, returning them to a soft, smooth, healthy looking condition. Finishing with Body Smoother (aloe vera, vitamin A, tocopheryl  acetate, vitamin E), which provides long-lasting moisturization and helps improve blood circulation


(35mins, not including polish/gel time)
Fissure Killer pedicure, plus.
IceDancer Invigorating Leg Gel: A Native American secret to leg relief.  This smoothing alcohol-free gel formulated with natural wild mint provides instant relief to your tired calves. Finishing with Baobab Body Butter which contains high levels of antioxidants applied to your legs to promote smooth skin that stays touchable soft all day while enhancing skin resiliency for even softer skin tomorrow.


   (40mins, not including polish/gel time) IceDancer pedicure, plus.
Firewalker foot Cream, specifically formulated to give the nourishment and treatment your feet need.  This cream soothes and relaxes your feet using natural ingredients like Hawaiian plan extract and babassu oil, traditionally used by Polynesian firewalker to absorb heat.
Hot Stone treatment below the soles.

AA Signature

(50mins, not including polish/gel time)
FireWalker pedicure, plus.
Hot Paraffin treatment, which can feel just like a luxurious splurge at the spa.  Enjoy the best pedicure in our salon with a hot wax treatment that acts as a type of thermotherapy, or heat therapy, which helps increasing blood flow, relaxing muscles and reducing stiffness in joints.  It can also help with minimizing muscle spasms and inflammation and treating sprains and pulled muscles.  This treatment is enhanced by AgeLoc Galvanic Spa II system, which is a new way to help your skin absorbing the above-mentioned products