Our Disposable Pedicure Jet Tubes are embedded into the line to provide the relaxing foot massage without the reusable Magnet Liner Jet. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO SHARE ANYONE ELSE PEDICURE SERVICE.


Our specialty is natural product for all services at our salon. We want to ensure that your face, nails, hands and feet are as healthy as possible. Because of this, we offer a unique service which has a more medical focus


We will bring the service on your expectation. Professional, clean, punctual, that is what you will feel we will bring to you.

What We Have

We always have new collection of nail polish from famous brand like Christian Louboutin, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, OPI, Orly, hopping to meet all your requirement.

What You Got

Clean, relaxed, comfortable, attentive, confident about your beauty, what is sure to get you from the first time to nail salon

What People Say About Us

Relax and peaceful. Super clean, bring bottle water for me. Love it!!! My feet and hand were so soft and smooth with all kind level Pedicure and Manicure treatment. All brand they used organic cream help my sensitive skin like baby skin. Coming back again
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Business Manager
I was very impressed with this new nails spa that just opened just a week in. Just beautiful inside, clean, classy, and best customer service. The sweetest people working there, greated us, played movies for my kids, brought us water and gave us the best mani and pedi service. I loved the design of the place. The chairs are comfy and mounted to the walls. Nice white marble poxy style flooring, granite counter tops, with the built in vacuums & fans installed in the counter on each mani station. Each pedi station has a USB charging outlet. High lifted ceilings and nicely displayed wood designs. Waterfall displays on the wall and cute little fireplace waiting area. Everything here was perfect! Pricing great, very affordable compared to many places! All supplies used is sterile and disposable.
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Penny M.
Business Owner
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